About George Bendel

George Bendel

Chief Executive Mascot

Get to Know Me

George hails from Bellingham, Washington and began his journey to Southwest Florida at the tender age of 8 weeks old.  He immediately fell in love with the warm climate, tropical breezes, turquoise water, and dog-friendly communities found throughout the Sarasota area. Curious by nature and eager to please, George moved up the ranks quickly to become Chief Executive Mascot at Fuller Group where he thrives visiting clients, attending listing appointments, and supervising showings.  In his free time, George enjoys chasing geckos, bird-watching, playing fetch, swimming, and rolling around in the sand immediately after groomings. Catch up with him on Instagram @georgedoodlefla

Work With Us

Bo and his team have over 25 years of proven sales success and a lifetime of combined industry experience. This relentless passion to serve ensures you’ll be fully informed every step of the way during your transaction. Our goal is to help you confidently negotiate real estate deals of any size so you can

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