Anna Maria Island

Welcome to Anna Maria Island

Laidback island living with access to mainland Florida.
A seven-mile strip of idyllic powdery white sandy beaches and luxurious waterfront homes, Anna Maria Island offers residents and visitors the ultimate laidback, tropical retreat. A mere 20-minute drive from Bradenton, and an hour’s journey from Tampa, this Floridian island has long attracted beach lovers in search of beautiful natural landscapes, bright blue water, and lots to eat, see and do. With warm, tropical weather all year round, residents of Anna Maria Island make the most of sunny beach days and outdoor activities.
However, for those who call Anna Maria Island home, it’s far more than just the beaches and weather that drew them in. Rich in classic Florida charm and with stunning views sweeping across the Gulf of Mexico, Anna Maria Island offers everyone a tranquil hideaway from the hustle and bustle of other popular Florida vacation destinations.
First settled in the mid-19th century, Anna Maria Island was regularly visited by Cuban fishermen, and the island has kept its nautical roots ever since. Today, the community hosts families on extended vacations, those in search of a quiet beach house or holiday home, and the many retirees and empty nesters that have made the island their permanent home. Properties on the island are typically built in Classic Revival, Key West, and other Mediterranean architectural styles reminiscent of the state’s diverse and colorful history.

What to Love

  • Laidback island atmosphere that encourages total relaxation
  • Proximity to mainland Florida including Bradenton and Tampa
  • Pristine beaches and crystal clear waters
  • Excellent fishing conditions
  • Year-round tropical weather

Local Lifestyle

Anna Maria Island has developed into a vibrant, unique community far from the bustling city centers of major Floridian cities. The island’s beauty, old-world charm, and magnificent homes attract families and individuals from all over the country in search of one thing: the ultimate island hideaway. However, this does not mean Anna Maria Island is boring or sleepy. The stunning beaches and warm weather draw in thousands of visitors every year and have given rise to many lively events and incredible dining experiences. Swimming, cycling, and boating in the island’s brilliantly blue waters are favorite pastimes for many, and much of the island’s lifestyle revolves around watersports and fishing activities.

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

True to its laidback ambiance, most of the restaurants and boutiques on Anna Maria Island are casual venues. One unmissable eatery, The Sandbar Restaurant, offers guests incredible, freshly prepared dishes in an outdoor beach setting. The onsite bar also mixes a range of delicious cocktails, perfect for an oceanfront sundowner. Another local favorite, The Waterfront Restaurant, serves freshly caught seafood unlike any other, even offering to cook your catch should you want to feast on the results of your fishing exploits.
For those searching for a break from seafood, Poppo’s Taqueria is a highly rated Mexican restaurant that, as the name suggests, serves mouth-watering tacos, burritos, and quesadillas. And if you’re in the mood for some island-style shopping, a visit to the island’s central shopping district, Bridge Street, will provide you with all the souvenir boutiques and trendy cafes you could wish for.

Things to Do

An island getaway through and through, it’s not surprising that most of Anna Maria Island’s most popular activities involve some form of watersport or boating. Most residents prefer spending their days swimming and sunbathing on popular beaches like Holmes and Coquina. Another popular activity is kayaking through the island’s many mangroves while searching for wildlife like manatees and dolphins. And for the ultimate way to end your day, why not go for a sunset yacht cruise to take in the beauty of the surrounding islands and keys as the sun sets over the emerald waters?
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